Orrell St James RC Primary School

"To provide an education for all, which has at its very heart the values and ideals of the teachings of Jesus Christ"


St James' Road, Wigan, Lancashire WN5 7AA

01942 748455


The website is currently undertaking a redesign- this will be completed.



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Orrell Saint James' Catholic Primary School @orrellstjames

24 May Well done 👍 We seem to be missing one of the dynamic duo? 😉 https://t.co/weJ6b9sMR6

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24 May RT @garywal98189192: @orrellstjames @OSJ_Y1M https://t.co/vTwjBYpqqG

24 May RT @garywal98189192: @orrellstjames @OSJ_Y1M https://t.co/6qFivaNBbz

24 May RT @garywal98189192: @orrellstjames @OSJ_Y1M https://t.co/0FVzEsRQFl